Thank You to the Marjorie Hope Kaff Trust


The Marjorie Hope Kaff Trust has given FOL $300,000 to be used to promote and maintain the Auburn Placer County’s non-fiction collection!  We have been so excited since hearing this amazing and unexpected good news!  

Marjorie Hope Kaff was one of 10 children born and raised in Michigan Valley Kansas. After college education where she was named a four-sport all-star in women’s intramural sports, Margorie served in the U.S. Navy.  After getting a Master’s Degree she began teaching high school history and women’s studies in Auburn. Marjorie was an avid reader, conservationist, and annimal lover.  She was a long time patron of our Auburn library!

The Kaff Trust funds are in a special savings account and FOL committee has already met with library staff to begin plan for purchasing and honoring Marjorie’s wishes.   We are very honored to be entrusted with such a generous gift to our library and communitee.