Auburn Library Celebrates 50th Birthday at NOON Program


The room was packed as library friends, city and county leaders, and over 20 former library staff members gathered to mark the libraries 50th year in its current location!  Our current library director Mary George introduced three previous county librarians Susan Hildreth, Elaine Reed and Mark Parker who shared antidotes from their days.  Mike Lynch presented the Placer County History Award to Karri Samson (posthumously) with  sister Betsy Samson-Andrews accepting the award. The Placer County History Foundation and Placer County History Society also donated $250 to the FOL in honor of Karri along with current and former staff.  Assemblyman Joe Patterson’s office presented a certificate honoring the occasion.

Special thanks to our leaders who helped us celebrate as we lead and plan for the next 50 years.  Thank you Auburn Mayor Rachael Randel-Harris, city council members Mike Holmes and Alice Calvillo-Dowdin, Our Board of Supervisors Bonnie Gore, Shanti Landon, Jim Holmes, Michael Spells for Suzanne Jones.

It was a fun event with many sharing library stories!  Thank you all who came to cheer our library, honor Karri Samson and current and former staff!